Are your herbs ethically sourced?
Most of our herbs are ethically sourced.

What type of wax does the candles contain?
We use a blended wax that is predominantly coconut and fortified vegetable waxes. This wax blend burns slowly and provides an outstanding fragrance release.

How long does orders take to be prepared?
Orders typically take two(2) to four(4) business days.

What is the purpose of a consultation session?
A consultation session provides valuable insight on the client’s situation. This helps to grasp an understanding of the client’s wants and needs. Ultimately this will open the doors to possible solutions.

Are your consultations just for coaching?
No. We also provide recommendations on what herbs are good for treatment based on conditions or symptoms.

How do I purchase my coaching sessions?
Clients interested in moving forward with coaching sessions MUST book a consultation first. Upon booking your session a deposit will be required to proceed. The remaining amount is due on the first day of the coaching session. We also offer payment plans, please reach out to support at cleansinglightllc@gmail.com for further information.