Spiritual Bath


Raw Dead Sea Salt
Blue Cornflower
Pink Himalayan salt
Baking soda
Organic Peppermint
Rose buds
Organic Calendula flowers
Angelica root
Organic Lavender
Star anise
Bay Leaf
Organic Aloe Vera

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Spiritual Baths are used to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit, energy and aura. This practice has been around from ancient times. Cleansing the baggage that may be weighing your spirit down. Set your intentions to release what no longer serves you and let it be washed away.

How to use:
Fill a medium size pot with water then add it to the pot. Steep on medium low for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. While you wait, prepare your bathroom. Cleanse the tub thoroughly then set your bath water. If available, you can add candles and crystals around the tub. Lastly, add mixture to the bath water, then set your intentions. You may soak in it as long as you desire.

Optional – Add 5 drops of essential oils with one tablespoon of carrier oil to bath water.

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